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30 October 2017

Jypsy Journals

"Jypsy Journals" are my new offerings at the local holiday markets this year. They are available at the Anton Art Center's Silver Bells: Holiday Market in Mt. Clemens, the Detroit Artist Market's Art for the Holidays in Detroit and Starkweather Art Center's Holiday Market in Romeo.

The journals are made from re-purposed leather/suede thrift store clothing combined with vintage/vintage-style lace, some of my grandma's vintage fabrics (which are over 50 years old) and include a signed Gelli plate monoprint backed by textural handmade papers. I am now obsessed with finding unique colors to use for the covers and fringe:)

There are three sizes to choose from: large (checkbook), medium (passport) and small (pocket). Each journal comes with a starter booklet. Tucked inside each journal is a small note card that lists resources for journal refills. There are two pockets sewn into the covers to hold receipts, cards or other items. Hand-cut fringe is used for the spines and each journal has a stretch cord/button closure. The buttons are made from coconuts:) Woodblock stamps and Dr. Ph. Martin's Pen White Ink created a bohemian style pattern for the covers.

I hope these quirky little journals can help everyone get their "jypsy" on:)

✽    ✽    ✽      AND      ✽    ✽    ✽

I also have some of my SASSAFRASSEEE Gratitude Journals available at the Anton Art Center and the Starkweather Art Center holiday markets.

Happy Holidays!

04 October 2017

25th Annual Canton Fine Arts Exhibition at the Village Theatre

*** UPDATE ***  
Body Language was awarded 3rd Prize. I am honored to have the extra recognition among all the outstanding, beautiful mind-boggling work that is in this show. If you get a chance to see it, go!!! This was the first reception I have been able to attend at the Village Theater and it was so much fun. Canton has strong support for the arts by helping to create a lovely reception and a very nice award ceremony. I want to thank the juror, Jean-Paul Aboudib, for his kind words about my work and letting me know my work is on par with more traditional art media. I've been fortunate to have many of my books accepted in the local art community and I am encouraged to keep pursuing this form of art. I hope those who view my work are inspired and get some joy out of experiencing them. I met some incredibly talented artists last night including Reem Taki, who's calligraphic illustration entitled, Persian Carpet was absolutely stunning in detail and color and Haydar Alyasiry, who gave me insight to the symbolism used in his work. And also my fellow award recipient, SoulKeever, who gave a great acceptance speech and talked me into doing an interview for his YouTube show:) It was also fun to talk colored pencils with the Best of Show winner, Paul Van Heest. His wonderfully detailed drawing of the Lepidopterphobic Rhinoceros was astounding. Great night!

 I have a mixed media artbook on display at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill in Canton for the 25th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition. The show is open this Friday, October 6th and will be on display through November 4th with an opening reception on Thursday, October 5th starting at 6:30 pm and the awards ceremony at 7:30 pm. This year's juror was Jean-Paul Aboudib. The gallery is located at 50400 Cherry Hill Road (corner of Ridge Rd) in Canton. Hours are 10-2 pm, Monday - Friday and during public performances at the theater. You can read more about this piece here.

31 August 2017

Grosse Pointe Art Association } Art Makers at The War Memorial

Excited to have my work exhibited in this interesting show. The criteria was having taken classes from GPAA. I did have a great class and will probably continue with this form of image making. I love the graphic nature of a wood block print. There is going to be a reception to meet the artists and the instructors on Sunday, September 10 from 3 - 5 PM.

15 August 2017

Woodcut Workshop with Nobuko Yamasaki

Last month, I was fortunate to land a spot in a wonderful workshop at the Grosse Pointe Art Association that was taught by the talented Nobuko Yamasaki. Nobuko was born in Osaki, Japan, studied printmaking in Kyoto and teaches the traditional Japanese method of handmade printing. It was a great way to spend the weekend with two days of instruction in the woodcut process. And the best part was being able to create prints without a press, just use a little elbow grease:)

Nobuko started by showing the class examples of various styles of woodcut printing. Then she helped the students choose which image to use for the project. I had manipulated several different photos in Photoshop to get the images down to a strict black and white format. I figured it would be easier to prep the images ahead of time so I could get right into the carving. These were a few of the images I was considering.

These are the two images I eventually used to create the woodcuts. The sunflower is one of my photographs and the image of Steven Tyler is from a photo reference I found online.

I really enjoyed the whole process. It did take a little bit of time to get the images carved but the actual printing was just as much fun.

The Grosse Pointe Art Association is sponsoring a show this month called Art Makers at The War Memorial and any student from a GPAA class is eligible to submit. I'm entering my Tyler print and a small artist book that I made called "PODerings" (because I was wondering about pods:). I created 8 different images approximately 4x6 and made over 100 impressions until I got the final prints to bind in the book.

*** UPDATE } Both pieces made it into the show  ***

These are the pieces I've submitted to the show.


PODerings -- Eight 4x6 india ink prints on paper,
folded in half and bound in book form.