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01 September 2008

Notes from the CFC

It's Labor day today and it's weird not having a job to go to tomorrow but this past weekend has been such a boost to my employment moral. The Creative Freelancers Conference has been such a great investment. Tons of detailed information on how to start running my freelancing as a business. How to prepare proposals and contracts and the steps in the process you need to take so you aren't being underpaid or working without a written agreement. There's so much more to this than just charging someone a nominal fee for a logo or a flyer.

I've also been mulling over the idea of doing more mixed media work and the reaction I got from my business reviewer, Colleen Wainwright and my fellow conference attendees was very positive. So this past Friday I was sitting outside on a beautiful Chicago morning at the Corner Bakery which has the BEST oatmeal in the WHOLE world. It's the Swiss Oatmeal (served cold with yogurt, almonds, cranberries, raisins, chopped apples) and I got the berry option with FRESH bluberries and strawberries!!! So nummy in my tummy! And they have FREE wifi so I was very happy.

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