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07 March 2009

Artfest 2009 in 25 days!

I completely missed posting in February. Maybe it was the short month but more than likely I've just been unfocused of late. Not sure why, but needless to say, with only a few weeks left before I leave for Artfest I need to get in gear!

I did finish one project -- my trades. This year's theme is sea monsters/octopi so I drew a few of these eight-legged wonders and make some 1" art buttons.

After making a multiple master and adding a little rubberstamp embellishment, I punched out the images and put them in my button machine.

I have a TECRE Model 100 machine and was having problems with it turning out defective buttons. But once I started using the punch that was designed for it, I've become a button maniac:) I made around 125 buttons, 15 of which, I made into magnets. Here's the finished set of three.

My other two projects are moving very slowly -- a felted stuffed octopus which I think I'll name Octavia and an octopus-themed altered playing card book. I'll post pictures as soon as those are finished.

I am getting very excited about this trip. I'm taking classes with author Susan Wooldridge, mixed media artist Misty Mawn and Carla Sonheim. I've taken classes with Susan and Misty before and Carla's class looks like a lot of fun. Since I'm venturing out on my travels this trip and taking the Bainbridge Ferry from Seattle this year instead of the shuttle, I'm trying to keep my art supplies to a minimum. My friend Anita is planning to pick me up from the island on her way up to Port Townsend. I can not wait for April:)


Susan Williamson said...

Love your buttons! I'm working on my trades now, so save one for me. Only three more weeks. Yipee!

martha brown said...

These buttons are great! see you in a few days!!! I'll miss you on the shuttle :)