Current Exhibitions

27 July 2009


I've been mainly creating 1-up originals for the various WTAs (Winner Takes All) that I've been playing in. It's a blast to win one of these art lotteries but losing isn't so bad. You just have to send one card to each winner.

Inspired by all the sea monster images I researched for my art retreat Artfest, I started with an acrylic painted bkgd then layered with rubberstamps and drew in the octopus with colored pencil and oil pastels.

Most of my ATCs are mixed media collages using various techniques which include gesso stenciling, paint textures, 3-D elements, staples, dimensional stickers and image transfers.

These are a series of bird ATCs created using stencils and rubberstamps.


Susan Williamson said...

These are wonderful Brenda. They really show how ATCs can showcase an artist's grasp of themes and techniques...yours in particular. Love the octopus!

TARAdactyl said...

Those are wonderful ATCs! Definitely inspiring.