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17 April 2011

Artfest Afterglow

Another year, another Artfest, another fabulous creative time. I was extremely pleased with my classes this year (Mary Beth Shaw (the queen of stencils), Misty Mawn (the layer queen) and Carla Sonheim (the squeen).

But enough dallying with words, on to the pictures:) This is the I work did in Misty's class, Black on White, where the focus was to create using only black & white and all the shades in between. Some of the new tools I'll be using in the future include black gesso (love this stuff), black masking tape, hand carved stamps (thanks to my tablemate Antoinette for the use of her carving tool), and handwriting in longer, looser marks. We started simple and just kept adding layers upon layers. I'm still looking at some of the pages and wanting to add more:)


Susan Williamson said...

I love black and white, and these are absolutely fabulous. More please.

beenebag said...

Thank you!! I'm planning on doing much more this summer:) Maybe on a larger scale.

Susan Williamson said...

Again, fabulous! It would be really cool to see these on a large scale.

radiantcrust said...

These are fabulous! Looks like you had a whole bunch of fun. :)

beenebag said...
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beenebag said...

Hey Penelope! I didn't realize who you were at first:) I did have a great time. I still haven't gotten a chance to sit down and look through all my goodies/trades I got. I did get to look at your book trade, wonderful:) I hope you had as grand a time as I. Hope to see you next year:)