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Small Works | Northville Art House, Northville } Nov 3 - Dec 16

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Holiday Market | Starkweather Art Center, Romeo } Nov 10 - Dec 23

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28 July 2012

Grimmly Inspired UPDATE

The Ford House asked the artists to participate in video interviews to give visitors a little "behind-the-scenes" experience of the show. This is my interview. At the Artists' Preview, I found out that I won a "Story Award," which is like an honorable mention:) These are the two pieces that were accepted:

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I also met two artists this morning. Laurie Longo from Ann Arbor, MI won first prize and has a fabulous ETSY site called StoriesDivinations. The other artist, Rhonda Denny, flew all the way in from Colorado to attend the preview!! She creates art quilts. Check out her site,

The Once Upon a Time: Grimmly Inspired and the Fairy Tale Festival runs through November 4.


armadillogal said...

very nice...I love hearts too...

beenebag said...

Thanks, armadillogal:)

Debbi said...

Hi Brenda! - I recently swapped with you on Swap-bot and have been visiting your blog every once in a while. I just wanted tell you that I enjoyed listening as you shared the process you went through to create your works. Good video! And I love both of the pieces, especially the colors you used in Heinrich's Sorrow. What a touching story. Anyway, have a great day! - Debbi Galey

beenebag said...

Thanks Debbi,

Glad the video was useful. I was really nervous doing it but you have to try new thing s every once in a while. Thanks for the feedback. And thanks again for the fabulous Poppy ATC:)

Glenda Hoagland said...

Great job on the interview and sharing your process. I loved the paintings. You are so creative and talented.

But you know my heart belongs to Ramone.

Love you

beenebag said...

Thanks Glenda.

I do too:) Maybe I can use him as a theme for some class projects -- Flash animation, create a website for him:) Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Brenda. Long time. Found your blog while waxing nostalgic over the Olde days. Hope you're doing well!