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20 October 2014

OCT ATC project -- Week 3

Got a couple more cards finished. YAY!

I had a larger mixed media piece of art created on canvas paper that I didn't like very much.  I cut it up into ATC-sized cards to make some random backgrounds. It also uses a matte gel medium image transfer, some tissue paper overlay and oil pastels. The birds are stamped on with permanent india ink.

This one used a twist on packing tape transfers. You place a stencil over the magazine image then put the packing tape over that. Be sure to burnish inside the stencil. Soak in water for a few minutes. Peel off the wet paper from the back and the image stick to the tape that is coming through the stencil. The transfer is on the left side of the card. Awesome Sauce AND Cool Beans:)

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