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02 December 2014

SWAPBOT Mixed Media ATC swap

I had so much fun putting these together. They are for a series of Mixed Media ATC swaps being hosted on Swap-bot. They are color specific so in the end you'll have a whole rainbow of ATCs:)

I was so enthralled by the process that I made a set for myself. It was a fabulous way to use up scrap ephemera I've had stashed away. I'm hoping to continue making more sets and maybe figure out  a way to make them into books. This project seemed like a perfect follow up to the 52 Card PickUp series I had completed earlier.

To create this set, I started with an acrylic painted background. I also add magazine images, postage stamps, washi tape and other ephemera. Once I sorted through my stash and had the color scheme defined, the fun part started:) I find a lot of enjoyment in arranging random elements into a cohesive image. Then I added little details: sewing on beads and sequins, punching holes in the elements or the cards themselves, adding fibers or glitter. It might be fun to pick a specific topic and do this rainbow theme with it. Possibilities are endless:)

And I've been on such a washi tape binge lately. Thought I'd share some links to a few of the sources I've found online. There are so many different designs available that you just don't find in the local art supply stores. The limited edition tapes are a bit pricey but they are so cool!!!

Washi Tape Sources

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