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22 September 2009

Fireplace Mantle Clean Up

Finally took the time to take everything off our fireplace mantle and wipe it down. After paring down the items I wanted to display, I packed the leftovers safely away in the closet. I am so pleased. I don't walk by and cringe anymore (there was way too much stuff vying for my attention, it was overwhelming to look at).

The main focus is a piece of artwork my husband bought for me. It's a pastel work by our very talented friend Felicia Macheske. She does wonderful nature inspired pastels. I love it:)

The left side is the "travel section", vacation souvenirs from our foreign travels.

The right side is the "art section", some of it is my artwork (the vintage guy with wings and Lost/Found) and the rest is artwork I've acquired over the years (the sweet little blue bird is by LK Ludwig and the line drawing with the man in the funny hat is by Claudine Helmuth).


Susan Williamson said...

A fireplace assemblage? Just perfect. As I was looking at these pictures I thought to myself: what a great idea--I should do this too. Then I remembered that I don't have a fireplace ...except for a mini one I picked up at a Pat Catan's years ago and never did anything with.

Sharon Zimmer said...

Hey Brenda! I have put a link to your blog on my web site...

Best wishes,