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10 October 2009

SwapBot 090909 Postcard Swap

Well this was a fun (but slightly stressful) postcard swap. Stressful because I was camping on Sept 9 and didn't know if there was a post office nearby. So I sent my cards early (which kinda defeated the whole mail-on-a-specific-date theme) but I didn't want to get out in the boon docks and not be able to mail them. And wouldn't you know it, there was a post office right at the entrance to the campground. I felt so bad that I bought some of those generic P.O. postcards and sent again on the 9th anyway:P

On my original postcards I had asked the recipients to send me a photo of the card at it's new destination. Here's the photos of those who responded to my request.

Carol from Phoenix, AZ

Kim from Texas. The card got to visit the Alamo in San Antonio:)

And my special new pen pal, Airym from North Korea. The landscape is an island her mother visited called ULLEUNG-DO. Reminds me a lot of the Channel Islands near Santa Barbara, CA.

Thanks to everyone who humored me:) Oh! and thank you to Nikki (only in cambodia) for hosting this swap. There was over 400 people who played:)


Susan Williamson said...

This Swapbot really looks like it was a lot of fun. I loved the photos of your fab postcard in different places ...kind of like environmental art, isn't it?

Sharon Zimmer said...

Hi Brenda, long time no see...mail art that is. I found your blog and posted a link to it on my site. Glad to see you still swapping. Drop me a line sometime. I don't know if you're on Facebook or not, I am if you happen to be. Be well.
Sharon Zimmer

mischief said...

I love the idea of using postcards to create mailart after they have arrived. Can I send you something for your postcard placement artwork please? (You are sending something to me at the moment via swap-bot which will also be displayed somewhere so keep your eyes open at my REAL wall to see if you can spot it!

Don Coker said...

Very cool idea! I enjoy your work.

Anna said...

I've only just started using swap-bot and already I'm amazed at the sort of connections it can make, and the generosity of the swappers!

Your postcards are awesome, I love the photos of them among the cacti :)

Anna said...

I'm "greenknowe" on swap-bot, forgot to say :)