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01 January 2010

Latest Journaling Project Wrapped Up

Finally finished scanning my journal submission for the Art House Sketchbook Project. This was an interesting project. I signed up and received my blank journal with the theme Elephant in the Room. It was a tough subject but I did a little research and found this great book, The Elephant in the Room: Silence and Denial in Everyday Life by Eviatar Serubavel. It was really interesting and gave me lots of inspiration.

Just in case you haven't heard about The Art House Co-op it's an online community that
creates massive, nationwide art projects that tie hundreds of artists together – and anyone can participate.

The Sketchbook Project: Library
Before joining a permanent collection, the sketchbooks will be exhibited at select galleries across the US. The library will house thousands of sketchbooks from artists that reside all over the globe. We'll be touring around the United States with the collection, followed by a permanent location for the library in 2010.

In the spring, I'm hoping to go to Chicago which is supposed to be one of the stops on the collection tour. I'm very curious to see what everyone else did with their themes.


Susan Williamson said...

Fabulous journal Brenda. When I clicked to enlarge your spreads, I found I had to spend time looking carefully and reading what you'd written. Very inspiring and thought-provoking in my opinion.

beenebag said...

Thanks Susan! I did want to clarify that I lot of the writing was quoted directly from the book I did my research with: The Elephant in the Room: Silence and Denial in Everyday Life by Eviatar Serubavel. His book was really interesting and even though it was scholarly, it was easy to read. At least for me! I've always been interested in psychological/ behavioral matters. If I had taken a second major in college it would have been psychology.

Lynn said...

I love this! Very thought provoking. I especially liked the one about it takes everyones cooperation to produce silence. Never thought about it like that before. And the one about the appalling silence of the good people. Powerful. Like an elephant, I guess.

thanks for visiting my blog on the OWOH tour!


TARAdactyl said...

Wow! Your drawings are beautiful, so jealous!! Looks like a very cool project.