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20 November 2010

AEDM_20_End of Year Ritual

Every year about this time I start prepping my new Moleskine daily journal for the upcoming year. Usually the back pocket of the journal is stuffed with ticket stubs , receipts and business cards. I'll go through and glue or tape them back into the pages. I also like to go through highlight the new quotes I jotted down. But since this is a blog post about art, I thought I'd share some of the little drawings I make in my daily journal.

Sometimes the drawings are just notes to myself about something interesting I saw in a magazine.

Sometimes they are from what I observe that's happening around me.

Or merely records of the everyday ordinary things in my life.


Susan Williamson said...

It was fun to have a peek inside your journal. This has been such a bad year for me, I think I've only done about three entries. But your journal is reminding me that I should get back to mine.

beenebag said...

I know you've had a really rough year. I hope 2011 is better for you and yours. I don't think I could go a year without my little journal. It has everything in it, from the mundane (like ticket stubs or odd little things that attract my attention) or gripes I'm trying to figure out in my head to joys I want to remember. And I never put any pressure on trying to do it everyday or fill all the pages. I used to write regularly during my lunch break,when I was working. Now it's not a routine that I have these days:) But I still like to have it with me. Take care.