Current Exhibitions

04 November 2010


This was one idea I had for an animation sequence for my AfterEffects class. Unfortunately, I don't think I will have enough time to render this for my final project but I do want to animate it in the future. The audio I wanted to use was a refrain from Lisa Hannigan's Sea Sew CD. The song is called Lille. When the xylophone begins to play that's when my little crab would "play" the shells on the beach:) I wanted to draw the crab in Illustrator. We reviewed in class how to create a character in Illustrator using layers for each segment of the body. This helps isolate each part and gives you the ability to move them separately or parent together to move as a unit.


LK said...

I love that album. I bought it on vinyl. :> It came with the free cd, which, this is funny, was utterly BLANK. So, I wanna see your animation sequence!!

beenebag said...

Well, I didn't get to do the animation in AfterEffects. Ran out of time, but I'm going to try and create it as a Flash animation for this semester's project. Pretty sure I'll be able to and will probably be better to post since it'll be created with the web in mind. Now I need to get drawing out the body parts:)