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21 March 2011

Artfest 2011 Gallery Art } House of Eggcellent Inspiration

I had so much fun coming up with this participatory art piece:) This is a little wooden bird house that is filled with seven "inspiration" eggs.

Each egg represents an art-making technique (line marks, painting, collage, found poetry, image transfer, frottage and stencilling). The idea is to tip the bird house until one of the eggs falls out of the opening and the word on the egg will be your starting point for the day.

I also made a companion mini-zine that elaborates on each technique in more detail. Go to the corresponding page and crack open the egg. On the left are possible materials to use and on the right a list of applications for those tools or materials.

I attached a strap on the back of the house to store the zine. My hope is this little house and it's "eggcellent" inspiration will help someone discover new ways to approach art making.


kristie said...

This birdhouse is so great, Brenda! I adore those eggs, and the concept is so clever (which is so like you!) And I love all the trade items you shared in the previous post. I remember you stamping the hand carved bird atcs...seemed like Artfest was so far away when you were talking about it then, and now it's almost time! I hope you have a fantastic time and that we get to hear all about it sometime soon!


beenebag said...

Hey Kristie!

Thanks so much for the kind words. I know it seemed like forever before AF would arrive and now it's less than two weeks away!!! I'm setting aside a few trades for the ART ZOO crew:) And maybe when we all meet again I'll bring the stash of trades I get from Artfest. They are always so cool to look at en masse. Take care