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08 June 2011

New Art, New Inspiration

There was a time this year that I didn't think I'd ever see my artwork out and about again but that changed yesterday when my husband told me the Grosse Pointe Art Center called to let me know that BOTH my pieces made it into the Word Play show! YES!

I had submitted this piece for two other shows earlier in the year and didn't get in. I'm chalking my acceptance up to the fact that the juror was able to see the actual art and not just a photograph. I need to get better at photographing my artwork:)

The second piece accepted was something I've been working on for awhile and when I found the words "No Worries" it completed the image of the open hand with the textures radiating away from the fingers, expressing the idea of letting go and being receptive to new experiences and taking chances. I guess that's what I love most about creating mixed media art, you never know what little bit of paper or text will fall into place and make something entirely different from what you originally intended.

And on other note, check out this blog I read about by Austin Kleon, very interesting. Good advice and I liked his writing style. He's got a book out called Newspaper Blackout. What's funny is I've been doing this with old book pages and always called it found poetry. It really is a fun technique to recycle text and come up with some really amazing passages or phrases. Things you normally wouldn't think up out of thin air. These are a couple I did for an ATC swap back in 2007.


Susan Williamson said...

Both your pieces are inspiring. I know from seeing your work in real time just how great it is, so congrats on being accepted into Word Play. Wish I could view them in person.
P.S. Thanks for the link to Newspaper Blackout too. It really looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

The Blackouts remind me of Ant farms. Maybe you can call them Word farms? Pumpkin