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18 March 2012

AF 2012 dorm gift **UPDATED**

In keeping with the tradition of making little gifts for my dormmates, I decided to go through all my Artfest journals and pull out the bits and pieces of my experience of Artfest.

Thanks to my Artfest peep Anita Webster for some of my photo fodder and to Marie Easley who let me use her 2011 trade for my cover of a multiple-signature mini-zine.

I bound the pages so the zine can be taken apart and each signature can be unfolded to show some of my own artwork on the back of the page. ***UPDATE -- The zines I'll be giving to my dorm mates are not 2-sided. It became cost prohibitive for the larger quantity needed. The zine can still be disassembled and the blank side can be used to take notes on your own experience at Artfest or to keep the email or snail mail addresses of your new Artfest friends:)***


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

OOO! That's really cool! Zinealicious!

beenebag said...

Thank you:) I bound them with hair bands! I got a good deal on them, 50 to a pack.

I have got to stop making things now...there's only 9 days left and I need to relax a little before I take off:) Of course, there's still taxes to be done and other life things to attend to, but I promised myself that would be the last "project".

Oh, I forgot, I did start on something to sell in the gallery (that is if I can get it ready in time). Wish me luck:)