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10 June 2013

SWAPBOT Make Someone’s Day #12 Swap

Artwork by Stacy Rollins

I can’t begin to describe how I felt when I opened my PO BOX to find this treasure sitting inside! A giant heart envelope covered in paint and images, all tied up with a pink ribbon woven along the edges.

* * * AMAZING * * *

My partner for this swap was Stacy Rollins. I am a lucky girl:) Thank you so much Stacy. This was one of the coolest pieces of mail art I have ever received. Her 3-D heart is a huge inspiration. And to top it off, it went through the mail! Since the words I have to describe my gift will not do justice, please take a look for yourself. Enjoy!!! 

Artwork by Stacy Rollins
Detail from the front of the envelope
Now flip it over and this is what you see
Love me some Fez Monkey:)
Artwork by Stacy Rollins

Artwork by Stacy Rollins
a sea turtle, some foreign stamps and a lower case "g"
what more could I ask for:)

a peek inside
the treasure inside

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