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01 October 2013

NEST - Grosse Pointe Art Center's new show

***UPDATE 10-23-13*** 
I found out that my little book sold :)
So glad it found a good home.

Woven Intentions

YAY! My art book made the cut and will be on display at the Grosse Pointe Art Center. This piece is called Woven Intentions. It consists of acrylic stenciling with image transfers of various nest illustrations (the sources for the public domain images are The Graphics Fairy and Vintage Printables), handmade paper, washi tape, rubber stamps and a carved stamp that I did a few years back. The book is bound using the single-sheet sewing technique that I learned at Hollander's.

I included “found phrases” to create the narrative for the piece:

hidden among the trees
the curious structure
among the lingering green
the twigs were alive
pristine pocket of serenity

I also included a fortune that said:
“Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life.”

Enjoy the images. I hope they give you has much pleasure viewing them as I had putting them together. I'm just glad people will get a chance to see it in person:)

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