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04 March 2014

Creative Journey Continues

I've been keeping quite busying making new pieces and working through assignments from Misty Mawn's online mixed media class, Full Circle. So far it's been a really fun and challenging experience. Misty has been great at introducing new mediums and ways to create journal entries. I'll post some of the artwork I've created on a separate page. 

Now for the exciting news:)

My artbook, Verdeations, made it into the Grosse Pointe Art Center's The Green Show. Green is one of my favorite colors and I learned a few things about it.
  • Green is the most restful color for the human eye. Maybe that's why you can't be stressed out when sitting in a forest:)
  • Research found that laying a transparent green sheet over reading material increased reading speed and comprehension.
  • There are more shades of green than any other color.
  • And green is the heart center of the body!
I think the descriptive words I found for the color green -- hope, balance, restoration, nurturing -- all influenced the direction of the book. I had a good stash of random phrases that fit perfectly for this theme.
To see all the pages and read the found poem inspired by the art, 
click HERE.

The color wheel is movable:)

I dyed some white waxed linen thread to match the book.

To add the beads to the covers, I attached a thin looped ribbon.
I sewed through the loops to secure the beads along the edges.

I think this is my favorite spread, especially the text.


I repeatedly typed color names on a sheet of gesso-painted paper
to impress the letters into the paper fibers.
A pastel stick rubbed over the top highlighted the text.

I used matte gel medium and stencils to create the texture on the covers.
Rubbing oil pastel on top emphasized the hightlights.

I entered one other piece that wasn't accepted, The Heart Takes Stock. This one will be going on my wall. It makes me happy:)


Roberta Sperling said...

I am green with HAPPY for you. What a wonderful book and wonderful ideas you are sharing. The quite time in the woods. . . .yes! Thank you for sending these messages out. Roberta

Roberta Sperling said...

I am green with HAPPY, seeing this book. Thanks for the views and the ideas. Peaceful visions all.

beenebag said...

Thanks Roberta:) Glad I can share with everyone. Hopefully this year I can start making more things to share. Take care and thanks for reading;)