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02 September 2015

Printmaking Celebrated at the Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale

Randomly Impressed

Randomly Impressed

I'm so pleased that my foray into printmaking was accepted for the Celebrate the Print '15 exhibit at the Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale. This was such a fun book to put together and the theme of celebrating the variety of printmaking methods was a great jumping off point.

All the pages, cover and spines are made from acrylic Gelli monotypes. I created eight separate prints and then cropped into each of them to create the two-side chipboard pages. There is no additional embellishment or collage on these pages because I wanted the focus to be on the details of the prints themselves.

My biggest discovery was the gridded mesh that became the base for weaving the covers. It's the backing used for hook rugs! The leftover trim of each print became the strips that tied the color palette for the whole book together.

The second piece that was accepted into the show is a multi-layered acrylic Gelli monotype using stencils and ribbon. I love the surprising randomness of the marks that are created in this form of printmaking.

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