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02 September 2015

Signs & Symbols -- Grosse Pointe Art Center

 Signs & Symbols is a theme in which I found the preliminary research just as rewarding as the creation of the artwork. I wanted to focus on one word or concept and find all the different ways to express it. 

Signs of Hope

I chose the word "Hope". Using found imagery and several mixed media techniques such as gel image transfers and heat set transfers I was able to put together a variety of symbols and signs that are used to express hope. I  thought that other forms of communication such as code and braille would produce some interesting images as well. I included links to some of the research I did for this piece.

This little book sold and is on it's way to a new home to HOPEfully bring enjoyment and inspiration for years to come:) YAY!

an open door

cherry blossoms*

an iris* & a swallow*

an egg & Lady Hope*

an anchor & Braille

tattoo sign & an angel*

Morse code & Japanese kibou

Celtic knot & a butterfly

a beehive & West African adinkra

Native American 8-pointed star & quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

And last but not least the rainbow.

 I also had another piece accepted into the show. This is piece is based on a Grimm's fairy tale called "Iron Heinrich" or "The Frog Prince".

Heinrich's Sorrow
This piece symbolizes the emotion of the frog prince's steadfast servant, Heinrich, who placed three iron bands around his heart to keep it from bursting with grief and sorrow when his master was turned into a frog by a wicked witch. This version of the tale is graphic in nature and the random red blotch expresses that violent imagery. The bands were created out of masking tape covered with metallic acrylic paint and embellished with metal brads to represent the rivets. I embossed a stencil with an organic pattern on the frog's back to create the bumps.

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