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01 February 2016

Body Eclectic at the Lawrence Street Gallery

This month was a bit hectic but I finally finish two new pieces to enter into the Lawrence Street Gallery's latest exhibition, The Body Eclectic '16.

Body Language

The first piece entitled, "Body Language" is a 7x7 inch book assembled using found ephemera, copyright-free images, an old book cover, gelli prints and several matte gel medium image transfers. I used a new technique of drizzling hot glue onto a non-stick sheet to create organic elements that could be adhered to the page. I also found a resource for phrases referring to the body or body parts. Pages are themed (brain, head, eyes, heart, hands, bones) and the phrase lists themselves became part of the artwork's visual texture. It was interesting to see how many body references are used in everyday vernacular.

The Eternal Quest

The second piece is titled, "The Eternal Quest". A plastic body form that came with a doll dress had me pondering this whole idea of body image and the obsession with looking there is something wrong that needed to be fixed. The research statistics about the beauty industry, plastic surgery and how much is spent on various potions, creams and procedures to "improve" oneself was astounding.

The graphic image of a female form depicting different viewpoints represents a factory line churning out the same look for everyone. I slipped this image into a vellum bag to complete the idea of packaging a new body. I also used a list of body altering procedures to accentuate the female figure in the center. An old tape measure symbolizes the constant struggle with weight issues and the quest to look better. Why can't we just be happy to be alive and healthy? For myself, the focus is on making healthier eating choices and maintaining an exercise plan so I have more energy to do the things I love. It would get pretty boring if we all were the same. Embrace your uniqueness:) Let go of perfection. Whatever that is.

***UPDATE*** Both pieces were accepted and the show open is this Friday, 2/5 from 6-9PM. The juror was Tylonn J. Sawyer.


Keith Shackleford said...

Where's your new book? I can't wait to see it! Wish you were here. :)

beenebag said...

Patience grasshopper! It'll be up tonight:)