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16 March 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall | My Artfest Muse

I found the base for this piece many years ago on the beach at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend , WA during one of my Artfest retreats. I think it was a piece of a boat that washed up on the beach but it had always looked figurative to me and I finally decided to use it to create something that summed up my experiences at Artfest.

I've always used the time spent there to reflect on where I wanted to go with my art so the mirror was the perfect symbol for this and reminds me to look inside to find inspiration. A crown of confidence and wings are symbols for my belief that Artfest is a nurturing place that helped build confidence about my artwork and a resource for exploring different media and techniques of image making.

I made a detachable easel stand to give added flexibilty for display either on a tabletop or as a wall hanging. There are two sides to the symbols I've included, those on the left represent the actual physicality and presence of being at Artfest, on the right side are the creative aspects. All the items are attached using these wonderful garment pins I found at Archiver's (Making Memories Garment Pins)

I've learned that you need to follow your heart when you create and for the top left symbol I chose a small copper heart with gold filigree wings. The chain of small leaves, 11 in total, represent the years that Artfest has been in existence.

Fort Worden is a beautiful state park with wonderful trees full of crows and has a gorgeous beach that looks out to the Puget Sound. Many early morning walks as the sun rose has been the perfect start on a new day of creating. The fish and the pinecone became symbols for these rejuvenating aspects of the locale of Artfest.

Getting away from the routine of life at home and work has always been what's drawn me to Artfest. It's a respite from all that is going on in my life. The three word charms, Be -- Here -- Now, sum up what my focus becomes once I cross through the park entrance. The blue skies, the bird calls, the wind in the pines all bring a sense of calm and serenity to my mind.

I never know what masterpieces will come out of the classes I've taken at Artfest. Every one of the instructors I've had brought a wealth of information and inspiration. They've always managed to get my mind thinking and the creative juices flowing. Four arrows represent any direction you may go in as you learn new ways to communicate visually, the small gears are the creative processes turning in my mind and all that culminates to a treasure to take home with me.

The key to unlocking creativity is to have fun and be open minded when taking a class outside of my comfort zone. I always strive to not have any expectations about the instructor or the class subject matter and let the inspiration flow. And I like to take what I'm learning and put my own spin on it.

The last set of symbols on the lower right rung is what I feel is important to creating any work of art. You need time. Time to think, time to let what you've learned sink in and setting aside chunks of time to play. The hourglass represents the passing of moments and the watch date wheel represents the months it may take to truly make something you've learned become your own.

And the final word on Artfest...DELICIOUS:)

I plan on displaying my muse at the Artfest 2010 attendee gallery next week!!!! Hope to see you there:)


lizzie said...

wow this is fantastic. Can't wait to see it at Artfest. I am sure it is even more incredible in person.

beenebag said...

Thanks Lizzie! I think I'll take it down to the beach to get some beauty shots before I turn it into the gallery:)

Gwen said...

This is really incredible! I love what you did. I won't be at AF to see it, so I am glad you showed it on your blog.

Very cool, Brenda!

jennifer lorton said...

Wow, what a wonderful piece, you must be very proud. I'll look forward to seeing it at Artfest. I hope we have a chance to meet. I can hardly wait!

Susan Williamson said...

Like Gwen, I'm so glad that you shared these photos on your blog. What a spectacular piece just keep getting better and better Brenda. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you'll accomplish this year at Artfest. (Wish I could be there).

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog this morning via Susan Williamson. I love it and I love this piece. I'll be back to visit again.

beenebag said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and encouragement:)

Sorry I didn't post your comments sooner. We took a spring break to Savannah, Georgia and are just getting back.

Janine said...

And I am absolutely thrilled to say that the lovely piece of art has come home with me from Artfest! I fell in love with it the second I saw it. Artfest has provided some of my best life experiences, and the piece is a perfect reminder of how amazing AF is. And gorgeous on it's own!!!

beenebag said...

I was pretty thrilled too:) Thank you so much for taking my baby home with you. I know now it will have a wonderful new home filled with love and adoration. If there's anything else you would like to know about just contact me. Hope to meet you next year at Artfest. take care and thank you again.

Shelly said...

How did I miss this at Artfest?!?! I need to keep my eyes more open next year... this year they were too busy jumping from one shiny to the next. Can't wait to see if you come up with another fabulous creation for next year. I'll keep my eyes focused this time, promise!!!

beenebag said...

Thank you Shelley:) I can't wait to see what I come up with either but I am going to try and work on some things during the year instead of waiting until two weeks before Artfest:P That way I can post on the Yahoo group with a heads up. Hope you had a great time and hope to meet you next year. Take care.

Debrina said...

Wonderous bit of assemblage and recycling - I love all the little details and your photography is very good: crisp and clear. I also LOVE the Queen of the Forest post you did. What a terrific piece! You have TOTALLY inspired me! Thank you!!

beenebag said...

I'm really glad I've been posting about my art. It's wonderful to know that I inspired you:) Thanks for letting me know.