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19 May 2010

Illustrating with Illustrator:)

This week has been a little weird for me. Winter semester classes ended on Saturday. I was really enjoying getting back into a classroom. And even though I've been using Illustrator and Photoshop for a long time, I never had formal training with it. IT WAS GREAT! I learned so many new time-saving techniques and I finally did an illustration with Illustrator!!! Who knew:) I've just used it for creating logos. There's a whole other world out there and I am digging it:)

The small photo is the source I used for reference for the finished illustration (thanks Anita for snapping this at Artfest). There is so much more I'd like to try with this image but for now I'll bask in my own amazement that I actually did a real illustration. And it was fun!!


Susan Williamson said...

Wowsa girlfriend ...I love this. You've inspired me to do something about learning Illustrator.

Zoë said...

That is soo cool. I want to learn something like that, I can't even do my own logos haha my Etsy shop is logo-less.

beenebag said...

Thank you both Susan and Zoë! The technique is fairly simple, you just trace over a photo. But the pen tool is the most frustrating and satisfying part about learning to draw in Illustrator. If you do try to learn it, be patient. The first few times I tried using it I got so frustrated. But once you understand how and why it works the way it does it's not so intimidating. I had really good instructors as well and lots of time to practice, which is key to learning to use it effectively.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I have zippo talent when it comes to any type of freehand drawing on the computer, no matter what program! :)

BTW, this is chrissygee from the Check Out My Blog! swap! Mind if I follow?

beenebag said...

C. Ann! I'd love to have a follower:) But I do have to warn you I am a REALLY sporadic poster. I sometimes post a whopping 3 times a month:P

As far as freehand drawing, that's what's so cool about the technique I learned. It's just tracing a photo. You make your reference photo a faded opacity layer and the make another layer and label that outline. Do all the tracing of the photo shapes on that layer, kind of cartoon like. Then make the separate color layers underneath the outline layer. Make sure to lock the layers you are not working on just so you don't accidentally drawn on the wrong one. Easy Peasy:) that is after you learn how to use the pen tool function (see earlier response:) Take care and thanks for stopping by:)

Megan said...

I'm a huge fan of Illustrator! I use it for most of my own design work, it's fantastic. This piece turned out really well! My husband used to do these for friends all the time, they're so fun. Been digging through your blog and really enjoying it! I love mixed media stuff. Keep it up!

- Megan
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beenebag said...

Thanks Megan:) I've been contemplating doing some for either bday gifts or Christmas:) Need to start collecting reference photos. Take care.