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31 October 2010

November is Art Every Day Month

I did not know this! I'm going to try and participate starting tomorrow. It's going to be a bit hectic at first until I get into the groove of what I want to post. I'm not going to nail myself down to any particular project. This is a small list of what I am considering:

School projects already in the works that need planning and creating

Scan journal pages from work I did over the summer, can be an inspiration for possible future work

Artfest trades need to be figured out

Artwork I'd like to submit to another local art show coming up this January

So the projects and art are there and my attempt at participating in this year's AEDM event is a way to move them forward.

AEDM is the brain child of Leah Piken Kolidas who is an artist living near Boston. Every November she leads a project called Art Every Day Month.

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